Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Tunison Foundation supported?

The Tunison Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(C)(3) organization that is primarily supported by tax-deductible, charitable gifts. Revenues are also received from air shows, paratroop operations and merchandise sales.

Can I ride in Placid Lassie?

At this time, the Tunison Foundation does not operate a paid-ride program. Occasionally, major donors to the Tunison Foundation and VIPs are invited to join a flight.

Can I tour Placid Lassie?

Yes! At air events, visitors are welcome inside the cabin and the cockpit. If you’d like a personalized, custom tour of Placid Lassie for your family or organization, please contact Garrett Fleishman for information.

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I am a pilot, Can I log time flying Placid Lassie with an instructor?

Recreational flight time at the controls of Placid Lassie with an instructor is available for $1,800/hour. This is a great way to add C-47 time to your logbook, and is also a wonderful gift idea! Please contact Garrett Fleishman for information.

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Is Placid Lassie safe to fly?

Absolutely! The maintenance programs for WWII aircraft are even stricter than those for other aircraft. Placid Lassie has a detailed annual maintenance program, with additional inspections every 50 hours of flying time. The Tunison Foundation hires only the most qualified mechanics to maintain Placid Lassie, and our pilots are among the most experienced C-47 aviators in the nations. 

Can a Placid Lassie pilot come speak to my group?

Our pilots are always happy to share their experiences flying our WWII C-47. Please contact Garrett Fleishman for information.

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What are Placid Lassie's specifications? (speed, motors and more)!

• Built 1943
• Powerplant: 2 × Pratt & Whitney R-1830-90C
• Twin Wasp 14-cylinder air-cooled radial piston engines
• 1,200 hp each
• Length: 64-ft | Height: 17-ft | Wingspan: 95.6-ft
• Weight: 18,136-lbs (Empty) | 26,000-lbs (Gross)
• Max Fuel Capacity: 800 U.S. Gallons
• Average Fuel Burn: 95 U.S. Gallons/hour
• Oil Capacity per Engine: 29 gallons
• Range: 7 hours, 1,000 miles
• Average Cruise Speed: 130 kts.
• Passenger Seats: 12-18
• WWII Paratroop Seats (coming soon): 16

Can I track Placid Lassie’s flights and find out where she is?

Absolutely! Go to the FlightAware website and at the top of the page you’ll see an orange button with the words “Track”. Simply type in N74589, click the Track button and you’ll be able to follow Placid Lassie.